Isman Fromes Ux Design Student

Me, Myself & I _

illustration of my macbook

Hello, I‘m Isman a 23 year old luxemburgish UX Design Student who particularly enjoys front-end development & UI design. I‘m currently looking for a 3 month apprenticeship.

Projects _

Rethinking Google Drive

UX Design, UI Design & Front-end

A different and probably better conception of how the user experience of Google Drive could look like if it were to change.

Google Drive Interface Preview

Cupcake Factory

Brand identity, UI Design & Front-end

Anna and Peter want to take their dream to the next level and open their tearoom in Namur. Here is how I imagined their site & brand identity.

Cupcake Logo
Dataplay Logo


AJAX requests, UI Design & Front-end

A playful and dynamic infographic that shows the most popular tweets in Belgium.


UI Design & Front-end

Distracked is an application which allows you to track the position of your vehicle. Just park your car. Forget about it and find it back at any moment.

distracked Interface Mockup

You want to know more ?_

Whether you have a question, a spot for me in your agency or some work, feel free to contact me here:

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